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Smurf Spotlight MAY 1998: VANITY
We will choose one special smurf each month
to be our "Smurf Spotlight". A new smurf
will appear on the 1st of the month, but
you can see our past spotlights here.

My Tribute to Vanity Smurf
by Colin

Vanity Smurf has one goal in life: to love himself. You rarely find him without his beloved mirror.

Height: 3 apples high
Weight: ??
Favorite Color: pink (pink mirror, pink flowers, etc.)
Favorite Smurf: himself, 2nd place: Smurfette
Quotes: "Oh, I just love flowers!"
Vanity has it all: looks, charm, and personality. The other Smurfs just don't appreciate a good smurf when they see one. Vanity is also a very focused Smurf, it just so happens that his focus is himself.