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Gargamel's Ugly House

Why does he even bother?  Sometimes he captures smurfs,
but he's never able to keep them.  Why is that?  In a 
way, I feel sorry for him.  Nobody loves him.  We all 
love those cute little smurfs.  

One thing I will say is that he isn't a quitter.  But 
it's been so long and he's starting to look pathetic.

I do feel sorry for Azrael because he's been beaten up 
by the smurfs so many times (by the way, I have a soft 
spot for cats).  Poor kitty!  He's had the crap scared 
out of him, he's been whacked on the head, he's had his 
whiskers cut off, etc...And he still has to go home to 
Gargamel at the end of the day!